Monday, August 1, 2011

Smith Corona Surgery

The machine:

The Typecast:

The parts removed:

The rubber bar that that metal piece is meant to jiggle back and forth to make the "Power Space" function work:

The Jeweled Escapement:

The padded carriage return:
The sliding hood, open for business:


  1. Ahh, the Galaxy Deluxe. So common to be almost unwanted, yet endearingly jet-age designed, feature-rich and comfortable to type on. What would we do without them?

  2. What a story! I hope that you never used WD-40 on typewriters at some point in the past. That ain't good for them! Great typecast, and lovely photography as usual.

  3. Deluxe in every sense - quilted return lever? Saw your comment on strikethru. If you can find me, you'll find some of the others:

  4. Matt -

    Back in the 90s (when I was younger and less wise than you are now) I once brought a $5 thrift store Remington Desktop back to life by spraying the insides with a half a can of WD-40, then letting it drip out in the yard for a couple of days. I also cut it some wooden feet and had my mom stitch the carriage return cord back together.

    That thing actually gave me a few years of good service.

  5. I just bought this same typewriter on eBay. This is my first typewriter purchase so I don't know much about these machines. We really just bought it for fun. Anyway does your Carriage Return Lever hang low and scrape the top of the case? My machine works great except for this one problem. Thanks!!!!

  6. Hi Anon -

    Thanks for stopping by!

    No, my carriage return lever doesn't scrape on this model (although I have other machines where it does). Have a look around for a screw or a nut or something you can adjust with a Swiss-Army knife, though. The great fun with these things is, you can usually puzzle out a solution to most problems in an afternoon. And if you can't work it out, you can always support your regional typewriter repair shop!

    Congratulations on your first typer, and do let me know how it works out!