Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Typewriter Insurgency Versus The Spreadsheet - Part 1

Not speaking for the insurgency as a whole, of course (after all, it has "no leader, no dogma, and no program.") Still and all, am I presuming too much if I assume these sentiments are shared?

More to come.


  1. Great essay, I agree with your sentiment. Sad state of affairs we seem to be in, it makes one wonder when the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

    I continue to enjoy your brown paper sack typecasting. I was at the hardware store today, wandered through the painting section and came upon those narrow rolls of thin brown paper, used for masking trim, and almost bought one for typing.

  2. My feeling is that the modern corporation, with it's obligation to blindly maximize shareholder's profit, it's akin to a "Paperclip maximizer" (A paperclip maximizer is an agent that desires to fill the universe with as many paperclips as possible. It is usually assumed to be a superintelligent AI so powerful that the outcome for the world overwhelmingly depends on its goals, and little else. A paperclip maximizer very creatively and efficiently converts the universe into something that is from a human perspective completely arbitrary and worthless.)