Friday, February 8, 2013

Angry Skies and Best Laid Plans

 storm_skylight storm_bagcaststorm_neighbors

I rather like the look of the IBM Selectric typing across a paper bag. It’s a vibrant contrast of the precise over the rustic. Strangely, I’m finding I get better results from photographing my typecasts than scanning them. The scanner seems to reflect white light around the indentation of the letters, which wreaks havoc on my post-processing efforts to increase the contrast and make them more legible.

There are times when the whole process strikes me as silly. And yet I keep doing it.


Ha! Just heard that they’re shutting down public transportation in Boston at 3 PM today. I suppose we could have spent the whole storm in the Hilton’s hot tub and swimming pool—but I’d rather save that luxury for a time when we can also go outside and enjoy the city.


While I was writing this, a ladybug started walking across the top of my monitor. In February!

What a world!


  1. Two feet? Please excuse me while I silently chuckle.

    Stay safe, and enjoy your vacation anyway!

    1. I know, it doesn't sound like much, does it? I kind of remember when we'd get snow and the governor wouldn't ban driving on the roads by threatening a $500 fine and a year in prison. (I'm not kidding about this.)

  2. I love the look of the Selectric type on the paper bag. I might love it enough to learn to refurbish the clunker Selectric II which arrived from eBay a month ago and which I can hardly lift. At the time I wondered what I was thinking; to get excited about bidding on the thing, so different from all of the manual machines I love. But it is such a fascinating work of engineering. And now I have another reason to see it functioning again.