Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hiatus & Effects of Gravity




  1. Good luck with the bamboo plants. We have a Virginia Redbud in the front yard that was flattened by a drunk driver who skidded off the road and sheared it at ground level. (I also had the satisfaction that it ripped out his transmission and undercarriage.) The roots remained. I covered them with fresh potting mix and the shrub came back in a year.

    Glad you are enjoying a pleasant moment. We both like Virginia flakes but I've been sampling medium English latakia blends on these colder days. It makes a nice change and goes well with a cup of strong black tea.

    Jeff The Bear

  2. Well-written, thoroughly enjoyable post.

    Chainsaws are a necessary tool out here in The Woods, too. We've got half a dozen blades that we cycle through regularly. Although it is not difficult to sharpen them ourselves, the local "Chainsaws-R-Us" store does a great job.

    When trees fall and miss the house, we are thankful.