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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quick Nanowrimo Update

The word count's up around 7800, all pounded out on the Royal KHM which has been obliging me by chugging on at near-Selectric speeds with only the occasion key jam and skipped space. It's gratifying to spend so much time with a single machine and have its performance rise to meet my needs.

You will notice, however, that I am posting this from the PC with nary a typescan or photograph. For once in my life I can actually say there has been enough manual typing today.

So far I have quite a bit too much dialogue, I think, and even though these folks are more or less on plot-point they need to stop talking so much and start doing something. There's historians, demons, demon-robot hybrids, cults, supernatural politics and motorcycle restoration to be gotten to. Chop chop!

The first line of dialog in the novel is this:

"If you're here for some cranberries I'll have to go get mother."

It's going to get a lot scarier than that, I promise.