Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Sunlight Map is a Pleasure and a Comfort

I love this desktop wallpaper application that shows a projection of daylight across a satellite photograph of the world, and auto-updates it every 30 minutes. (It updates the cloud data every three hours.)

It reminds me of my small place on a small planet; it's easy to forget that we're spinning about at such astonishing speeds for ever and ever. It's satisfying, somehow, to say, "well, the sun is setting across Norway and Brazil right now, and the Mongolians are just seeing the dawn;" also, to give shape to our longer summer days with the projected sinusoidal curve of shadow, and to watch it invert itself as the seasons change.

Kind of neat how it works.  This is why I love Linux; lots of good folks making interesting things and sharing them.  I couldn't find a similar application for Mac or Windows.

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