Sunday, June 26, 2011

Accelerating Change

There are times when the realities of the world really bowl me over. Like when I realize I can sit in my backyard and use a cheap four year old netbook to publish anything I want to say to a worldwide audience. (Sure, that audience consists of maybe a dozen people, but still: the potential is there.)

These kids these days, they have no idea how revolutionary this is. Brats. We'll see how they'll deal with the accelerated change that's coming in their lifetimes, after they roll their eyes at our stories of computers with keyboards and cars that burned oil and couldn't steer themselves.

They'll probably deal with it fine, actually.

Huh. So this is how it feels to be middle aged.


  1. I'm replying on an iPad2 while sitting on my patio in Phoenix (111 degrees - won't be out here long). Middle age? Yeah, I remember that.

  2. What are you doing out there? Get in the swimming pool! (Without the iPad, of course!)