Monday, August 29, 2011

Post Hurricane Risk Management

Any day you get to use a chainsaw while standing at the top of a ladder--without hurting yourself--has to be a pretty good day, right?


  1. Using a chainsaw on a ladder should be a recreational activity, not a requirement. It's always a bummer when it's a requirement, you know?

  2. I had to cut my friend's cat out of a tree last year. Top rung, chainsaw flailing, twenty feet above ground, cut the branch, watched cat fall with branch yet land gracefully, and thanked my lucky stars all of my limbs were intact when I climbed back down. Yeah, it was fun.

    I hope the hurricane passes you without much damage.

  3. Thanks, we made it out fine. We only lost power for two hours. We just found out today that the folks one street over have been without power all week. So, very fortunate!