Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kids Today are More Depressed Than Ever Before; My Solution

Here's something that's sad, if not surprising:

More of today's US youth have serious mental health issues than previous generations.

To which I say:

More of today's US youth need to learn to dress with self-respect, forgo the advanced degree, learn a trade, smoke tobacco in moderation, enjoy the occasional drink, and view members of the opposite sex as treasures instead of conquests.

At least that's what worked for me. What they'll probably do is take a bunch more Prozac.


  1. You are a true gentleman. Especially love the last part. But who will teach the youth today?
    If the parents do not have a conscience then how about the media getting smart and doing an about face? The youth seem to bite on to that band wagon fast enough. Remember when even married people slept in twin beds? ah the days of the past, will we realy learn from looking back, I work in a nursing home and hear the music they are playing. What will the generation now be listening too in their elder years? I hate to think..tatoo and pierced

  2. It's all just so sad. I hope society wakes up soon!

  3. It's funny Jeanne, for I thought the same thing. My mother, who has alzheimer's, was put in a nursing home two years ago. They were on the cape at that point and we could visit her regularly. I thought the same thing. THIS generation has music that they ALL loved and I do too, but when the irate, self-involved tatooed generations of hate-metal or overt sexualized pop come here, what shall it be like? Maybe, at that point, we will be SO removed and self involved, the elderly will just be 'monitored' by machines or souped up ROOMBA's who can say? It shall be scary. But, perhaps we can make a small enclave of we vintage minded folk and be kept separate!