Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Six Part Glenn Gould Interview on Youtube

Really need to get down to the piano tonight.  Haven’t had the energy for practice on top of work and blogging, and I don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made in the past several months. 

What a conundrum, huh: being beset by too many things that I love to do?  If only we all had such problems!

Here’s another lovely problem: there’s more Glenn Gould videos on Youtube than I’ve got time for watching.  I could really curl up for a Sunday or two and just absorb, the way your modern teenager could veg-out to a marathon of “100 best celebrity freakouts” on MTV.  I think I’d get more pleasure out of my Sunday than this hypothetical teen.  But all things in moderation.  Even Gould.

I used to think Gould’s interpretations of Bach were slow and stodgy.  Now I love the simple austerity of them. 

Here’s the first of a six-part interview entitled “Glenn Gould Moments.”  It looks like it was filmed in the 50s but I can't confirm.  What do you think?

The whole series is worth watching.  What a nut!  He’s an early example of the self-absorbed eccentric, but I’ll forgive him that because what he makes is so perfect - even if he insists on the pretense of having one specific chair dragged around the concert circuit.  He hasn’t given up the concert performances yet, as in later years he dedicated himself strictly to recording in studio.  You get to see him interacting with the manager of the concert hall, picking out just which of the super-high end pianos are going to be right for him.  And you get to hear some cutting comments about some of the “modern” music of that decade which has since faded into obscurity.

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