Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bug And Snow

There's just enough snow on the ground to brighten things up around here.  Perfect!
Here's an odd wonder: there's a ladybug crawling up and down my window mullion.  I wonder if she hatched in the spell of warm weather we had last week. 
She is kind of a dusty, dun coloured thing, isn't she?  Is this what winter-hatched ladybugs look like, these days?  Or is this some other kind of beetle, entirely?  Let's go in for a closer look.
Update: snow melting now, ladybug or beetle gone too.  Window mullions still need to be stripped, puttied, and painted.  This is going to be a busy Spring. 

Maybe the bug knew that and decided to wake up early.


  1. I am glad you recorded this moment, darling, as-per usual Cape style-the snow is now all gone only hours later.

  2. Great photos. All the best with the window mullions. (Linda)