Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nuts To The Ball Bowl - Let's Play

Tomorrow's the Super Bowl day.  Or is it the World Series day?  No wait, it is the Super Bowl. 

Good grief.  What am I going to have to talk about around the water cooler on Monday?

I can't think of any "holidays" I could Bah-Humbug more strongly than these sports holidays.  And there's no field of inquiry in the wide world in which I'll revel in my ignorance and indifference, except sports.  Talk about a perfect storm of manufactured controversy, financial excess, and marketing exploitation - only talk about it over there and far away from me, becase I really don't want to hear about sports.

You know what's admirable?  Dedication, hard work, talent, practice, perseverance, and competition.  You know what's fun?  Getting together with a bunch of your friends and playing a game. 

So if you love football so much, how about getting out with a bunch of your friends and playing some of it, instead of buying an oversized jersey and sitting on your fat ass watching it on TV.  Put your kids on the team, if you have any.  Put your wife on the team, if she's sporty (or if she just wants to).  Invite the neighbors over.  Maybe one of them will bring a picnic lunch.

Hey, now it's starting to sound like fun.  Can I come over and play?

(Football's the one with the pointy ball, right?)


  1. Normally, Winston, my husband and I would be in total agreement with your bah-humbugness. Never in our married life have we watched a Super Bowl, or any other sporting event, come to think of it. But, as two Louisiana natives who were rendered speechless by the Saints winning the NFC championship, we'll pay closer attention to the game this year. Afterward, I'm sure we'll return to our total obliviousness of all things sports.

  2. You just made me laugh! :)
    I feel exactly the same way about sport, it is so damn boring looking at.