Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Ready for Florida

Egad, this last winter was hard. And cold. And long. The old house is drafty and the snows far too regular. The tires are bald and the shovel is rusty. Getting out of bed in the morning was an adventure in endurance, and getting to work felt like the voyage of the Endurance.

And now we're hammered with this heat wave. 101+ degrees today and enough humidity to sweat the paint off the car. I step outside and think, this feels freaking great!

The Wife wanted me to take a swim with her, but I couldn't. The water in the pool, which she insisted was comfortable, was just too bloody cold.

I just needed to hang out in the yard and be comfortable for a while.

1 comment:

  1. Everyone is different and I personally can not take this heat. However my job sends me out side every day and cancer is a concern because of the sun. I never was a sun worshiper although I grew up not far from cape cod.
    I agree with Donna give me the pool. I am in Pa. and long for the ocean breeze but I imagine now it is too warm also. I only hope we do not go from thei sextreem heat to the extreem cold with no Fall. I love Fall, not too hot not too cold just like Spring. in the mean time the heat worshipers are having their day and the rest of us are waiting for ours...