Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Anticipations


  1. Glad to hear that you'll be joining the Typewriter Brigade.

    I suppose I should mention that your typecasts are a bit challenging to read. I have to click on them, then perform a separate operation to open them in a new window and enlarge them before I can read them properly with my 40-something eyes. Maybe you could just post them at full size in the blog post to begin with.

  2. This is my first visit to your blog (thank you for leaving a comment on mine!) and I agree with Richard's comment about your typecasts being somewhat difficult to read.

    What machine were you using, by the way? I like the typeface.

  3. Sorry about the size issue, guys. I'm having a hard time getting blogger to display it the way I want on the main page. (Why are there no controls to set images at a standard width?) But when I click on the image it opens automatically for me in a new tab displayed at a larger size--maybe this isn't happening the same on all browsers?

    Posting at original size always breaks my site's margins. I think I'll experiment with typing on narrower pieces of paper and then posting at original size.

    The typewriter is a Corona Standard. It has a slight wobble to the carriage which gets pronounced if you type too quickly, but the typeface is heavy and black and ideal for the paper bags.

  4. I, personally, think the novelty of typing on a paper bag is worth that extra click. However, I will agree that it is far more preferable to just be able to read it from the page, as others have pointed out.
    At any rate, you could post these things three times smaller and I would continue to read. It sounds like you have had a nice summer, and I hope fall is only better for you. I, personally, enjoy an early setting sun. Makes me feel like it is later, until I look at the clock and realize I have so much more time than I had previously anticipated.
    Thanks so much for sharing this. I love posts like this.

  5. Ah, there is that, Ken--the extra hour granted us by the daylight-savings time shift. There is also the implicit release granted by the colder weather. When you know you've done everything you can, outside, before the colder weather sets in, and now it's time to bundle up and enjoy the home.

    Thanks for reading--I'm so glad you enjoy it!