Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Remington Junior

Our secretary presents the new model.
Monty, Sophie, and Monty II

Proper typing technique.
It is important to take regular five minute breaks to stretch.

For anyone who is wondering, that's a Chihuahua and an Italian Greyhound.

They once made a litter of puppies together.

Yes, it was adorable.


  1. ahhh....Ronald looks just like his Papa Monty when he stretches out on the grass. Except it is usually next to some plastic toy :)

  2. A very nice find! It is great that your wife brings home typewriters for you. A Remington Junior and a Corona 3 within a few weeks? Splendid!

  3. Wonderful typewriter, wonderful dogs, wonderful wife, wonderful Classic Typewriter Page. An excellent post all around!

  4. I agree with Richard. Great find, great post! Love the paper your using. What is it?

  5. Thanks guys. I am very lucky, aren't I?

    Tom, the paper is a grocery bag. I got a little OCD about this reclaimed waste a few months ago:

    It actually seems to work really well with some of my slicker old platens.

  6. Great addition to your collection!

    Typing on paper bags: LOVE it.