Friday, October 12, 2012

High Resolution Typecast

I set my scanner on its highest resolution to see how a typecast from the new Underwood would come out. Then I decided to churn it through some filters in the open-source image editing software The Gimp.

The original scan. Digital noise from the scanner was quite apparent at 1200 dpi.
Adjusted to a more Internet friendly resolution.
Contrast heightened.
Blurred to reduce the noise.
Introducing a little of my own noise.
A bit of cubism.
Bent in post-production.
A nice edge effect glow.
A little edgier.
Too much WD-40 on the ribbon.
What the Predator enjoys reading.
Almost got flowers growing in the text.
I always enjoy the interplay of analog and digital technologies.

It's a lovely typeface, I think. Maybe I'll get this printed on a couple of tee-shirts. Or a bumper sticker.


  1. Great visuals, and I like the saying too.

  2. I have fun playing with my analog productions in digital format, too! I can waste days doing it,so I have to be careful.

    I should download the Gimp again...

    Looks fantastic. I'd buy that bumpersticker.