Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is More Apocalypse Too Much?


  1. That's what I say! I'm hoarding large, heavy, metal objects and projectile weaponry. I've yet to start the food hoarding. XD

    Honestly, the end of the world has been the 'in thing' for the better part of recorded history. Just look at all the world's religions; they all speak of a beginning, lots of odd things happening in the middle, and and end. All of them. I really think it's a coping mechanism, a way to come to terms with (or forget about) our personal, inevitable demise.

    ...That being said, I still think we're heading towards a collapse of some sort, but less like the Atlantis of legend that went with a bang...and more like Rome, that went with a final, near-sobbing death-rattle. So acquiring typers is still a good idea (and now you all know my personal justification! Hahaha.).

  2. To reiterate ARMS's assertion -

    Here's a nice list of memorable 'end of the world' predictions.

  3. Nice to see Kunstler get a mention. For my part, I'm not sure I want to survive it, except to take the place of someone worse.