Monday, February 4, 2013

ITAM Staycation Typecast

 Vacation1 Vacation2Vacation3


  1. Ugh! That first image got compressed and blurred something awful - I'm not sure why. But if you click it it seems to come through clear.

  2. Actually, this sounds like a lovely vacation week. For many years our vacation time meant a break from 80 to 100 hour work weeks and a chance to see each other for more than an hour a day. Travel was low on the list. Relaxing together, reading, taking walks, cooking an elaborate meal, waking up with the sun in our eyes: that was bliss. Our poodles agreed as it meant laps were available around the clock. It was therapeutic farting around.

    Turns out this approach of savoring time and the activities that matter to us was good training for retirement.

    Jeff The Bear

    1. I'm well trained for retirement, that's for sure. Where do we sign up?