Monday, January 28, 2013

Overnight Coal Fire Success



And if I had one of these, I could stay warm forever!


  1. Congratulations on the comfortable house this morning. Must have felt like the first warm morning of spring.

    It might be our northern childhoods (Rhode Island and Wisconsin) but we keep the thermostat at about 62 degrees. Rather wear a sweater and socks than shell out more money to utilities. Whenever I see Scrooge explain to Bob Cratchit about the effectiveness of warm clothing over ephemeral coal (natural gas in our case), I just nod in agreement. Philosophical frugality.

    Good luck with future mornings.

    Jeff The Bear

    1. Thanks Jeff. I'm thinking I might got for another night, and see how 48 hours of comfort feels!

  2. We have found, out here in The Woods burning our wood stove, that it is fairly energy-efficient to keep it burning on a low level all night, rather than let it die and have to start from scratch again the next morning.

    It seems to take quite a bit of energy to warm up a cold room, perhaps nearly as much as it would to burn fuel all night. So you might as well be comfortably warm!