Monday, April 1, 2013

Experimenting Digitally and Pharmaceutically On Our Kids


  1. I'd like to see that too! I grew up in a school that was just getting brand-new Commodore PETs by the time I was graduating, so I only got a year's worth of non-networked 8-bit digital exposure before getting thrown into a working world where nearly nobody had a computer.

    I ended up eventually being the person that introduced computers to the businesses I worked at, a practical digital evangelist. I still am, since I'm an IT professional, but my roots are firmly in the pre-digital world.

  2. You bring out some good points. My take on digital and children is that proper use of computers and keyboards should start in about the 5th grade when a child's hands are large enough to use a keyboard.

    There are some touch applications, but children spend too much time sitting and not enough exercising (as in playing, running, jumping, hiking and more).

    I read an article not too long ago that not only are children loosing penmanship skills, attention spans and math skills they are also loosing creativity. On a PC everything is done for them. Then they get to High School or College and do not even know how to read books and do proper research.

    Then on to the health...

    Great post. Gets one thinking.