Monday, April 29, 2013

Typewriter Sighting at the Center of the Tardis

Anyone else catch the treasure in the latest episode of Doctor Who: Journey to the Center of the Tardis?

And no, I'm not talking about the pretty lady.

It looks like a Remington to me, quite similar to one I've got hanging around in my collection. But I could be mistaken. It's only on camera for a second and a half.


  1. I, my eyes ever searching for typewriters, spotted it too. But I thought it was an Imperial Good Companion 1 - judging by the carriage return lever. But now I'm not so sure, it could be the Remington...

  2. Dammit... you beat me to it! I saw that last night, and was going to try and grab a snap when I had a moment....

  3. Hmm! Yeah, I'm guessing a Good Companion too.

  4. Richard, Jasper, I defer to your expert judgment. I am but a dabbler here.

    Scott, I am rarely first to anything. That's why I'm always leaving the bottom comment on weeks-old posts. So I'll take some pleasure in my own celerity today.