Sunday, July 8, 2012

Check Your Engine With A Paper Clip and Other Repairs





  1. One of the things I miss so much about my new(ish) Nissan, is that I don't get to dip into the engine as much as I used to with my busted-arse old Suzuki.

    I had an old ford falcon as my first car, and I took on the challenge of doing an engine change once. Prior to that, I had no confidence that I could dip my hands into the engine bay and do anything but screw things up. Now days, I feel confident with just about anything.

  2. I find the study of technical manuals and diagrams to be soothing. Even if the knowledge isn't particularly practical, I always learn something new.

    Good luck with your fuel system repair. Once I get to the point of putting a car on jacks I give in and take it to a shop that has a proper lift.

  3. Scott - You managed an engine change? Way to go! I'm toying with the idea of picking up a decent second hand engine for the honda and taking my time doing a complete rebuild, then switching it out. But I fear this might turn into the ultimate case of "If it ain't broke..."

    Dwayne - There is something satisfying about the technical and the physical, isn't there? I suppose that's the appeal of this whole "typosphere."

    I sometimes wonder if I'm going too far afield in blogging about car repair, but the impulse to improve a typewriter and an automobile are not that different.