Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Piano Guys' Unconventional Use of Instruments

Thanks to the Flip the Media blog for pointing me to these guys.

There's something especially satisfying in using an instrument in a way other than it's intended, so long as it comes out sounding like more than a gimmick. I think these guys are the real deal.

It reminded me of this interpretation of Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" played on guitar. All the different sounds Jorge Caballero gets out of one guitar are difficult to believe. That piece was written for an orchestra, after all.

This performance by Kazuhito Yamashita from the 80s is just as impressive. (I wonder if we could get him in front of an HD digital camera to do it again?)

Good grief, I'm about to lose a whole afternoon to watching classical music performances again, aren't I?


  1. Thanks for the videos. The piano guys are creative and fun. The long version of Pictures At An Exhibition is simply magnificent. I play guitar just well enough to appreciate the wonderful talent and artistry of Cabelero. (This is where my Bose headphones become invaluable.)

    Your examples led me to several hours of serious listening. It isn't the first time I've lost most of a day to Bach Orchestral Suites and Partitas, Vaughn Williams, or, in the proper mood, The Carpenters and Michael Buble. I like to sing along even though it's two octaves lower than the artist. If I ever make an album, it would probably be titled: Darth Vader Sings Sinatra.

    Jeff The Bear

  2. Jeff - I would pay money for that album! Of course, you *could* just throw a couple of tracks up on YouTube!