Monday, July 16, 2012

More Afternoons Should Be Spent This Way

Ipod – check. Dog – check. Comfy outdoor sofa – check. Laptop – kind of check. Shoes – conveniently missing.


Not the most flattering photo in the album. (Why is it that headphones look cute on girls but on me they just accentuate how freakishly wide my head is?) But hey – this picture’s not about me. It’s about the afternoon.

Which was lovely.


  1. Looks like quite a pleasant afternoon. Are you typing on a paper bag again? Awesome!

  2. Hi Ken -

    Paper bags were made for this old Corona Special. They don't slip on the old platen. You can get six 8 1/2" by 11" sheets out of one bag, and if your grocery is kind enough to not print their logo on the outside of the bag, you can actually type on both sides with no punch-through.

    Also, the paper is perfect for even the runniest of fountain pens--no bleed-through. I'm thinking of crafting some ghetto journals out of it. Grocery bag paper actually puts Moleskine paper to shame in this department.

    I've trained The Wife to ask for paper bags every time she does the grocery shopping. I'm probably the only husband in the world who is more excited about the bags than the food.

  3. Well now, you know I am going to have to try that now. I love the idea...I'll just have to remember to ask for them. Or just grab a few while I bag my groceries. I actually like the idea of their logo being printed on the one side. I think it would give the paper more character, and I never really use the opposite side anyway. Really, though, I don't think many groceries do that anymore. At least, not around here. Thanks for the tips and convincing me to type on paper grocery bags...that just sounds fun.

  4. Love the concept but it's too bloody hot these days. HOWEVER, fast forward to late October, substitute our ancient toy poodle for your whippet (I think), and add a pipe filled with pressed Virginia flake tobacco. Heaven!

    Jeff The Bear

  5. Ken - let me know how it turns out, or better the results!

    Jeff - Sophie's an Italian Greyhound, actually, although most people do guess Whippet. And she's pretty ancient, too, going on 14. Having a second dog to play with (a chihuahua) has kept her looking young.

    Pressed Virginia Flake tobacco is my favorite. McClellands or Butera usually, or in bulk from Peretti's in Boston.

    Have we perhaps met before?

  6. Winston - Thanks for the correction about Sophie. I can't tell the difference between the two breeds unless I'm standing next to them. I'm surprised they aren't more popular as pets. Every Italian Greyhound and Whippet I've met have had the sweetest dispositions. My wife is allergic to most dogs except for a few breeds like poodles and bichons so we've always had poodles. Schnitzel is 16 and isn't very interested in other dogs but he still likes his walks as long as we keep it under a mile.

    I suspect the bulk flake Virginia I get is the same stuff that you get in Boston. Love the natural sweetness the pressing brings out and I enjoy the slow process of rubbing it out for each bowlful.

    I'll have to try the shopping bag trick. I have an Olympia SG1 that dents most paper but I love its touch. Maybe the paper bags will hold up better. The bags might also be interesting for pen and ink sketches and with pastels (something I'm trying to learn).

    We probably haven't met. I haven't lived in New England for almost 40 years. Susan and I had our careers in and around Washington DC. Virginia is home now. But I still miss the Atlantic beaches come autumn.

    Jeff The Bear

  7. Jeff - Italian Greyhounds are great for allergy sufferers as well. We've sold Sophie's puppies to folks who came over, rubbed a pup all over their faces (not hard to do with a puppy, actually) and then come back the next day amazed they hadn't had a reaction. Poodles are great dogs too, though - very smart!

    I'm hoping to visit a friend in DC sometime this fall. Maybe we can meet up someplace for a bowl of Virginia.