Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rental Home Horror

This is why I can't write fiction anymore. Because my real life is so horrifyingly mutherfucking interesting.





All posted in unedited rough draft because I don't really have the energy to live through this again. I'm not honestly sure why I feel compelled to share it, except that the act of typing is thereapeutic.

A good approximiation of the kitchen

I'll tell you this for nothing, though: I'm sick of struggling to be a part of the middle class. The assholes who keep trashing my house may live in filth, but they have an easier time of it. That bitch was high and drunk every time we stopped by. Then on top of welfare she got full health care provided for herself and her babies.

Meanwhile, my doctor tells me I need to get a CT-scan for some discomfort in my liver, and I'm looking at $4000 in uncovered expenses on top of the health care premium the state of Massachusetts says I need to have deducted from my paycheck every week.

Maybe I can cash in all those empty beer cans for medical care. 

Fuck that. I'll just quit drinking and save twice the fucking money. 


  1. This is some real life shit you are sharing here, and it takes a lot to do that. I can completely sympathize with these sorts of people, or people nearly like them. My wife and I opened our house up to her cousin who had no where else to go. She was a good friend, visited all the time, and it did not seem like it would change much to help out and allow her to live with us. This is a story for another time, but suffice to say that I wish death on her and the deadbeat friend she would always bring over, who eventually lived there as well.
    With the state of most people, it must be hell to rent a house, and I am sorry for your misfortune. Were I in this situation, I know I would not be handling it as well as you seem to be. I am sure you are more upset than you have said, and that there are stronger words you could have used that would have better approximated the rage you must be feeling.
    If you ever need someone to talk to, to just vent, to whatever, please shoot me an email or even a letter. This is not a shoulder to cry on or anything like that, but someone who is just as disgusted by things like this to share your outrage (not that I am particularly lacking in outrage, mind you).

    I wish you all the best of luck, in the most sincere way I can.


  2. I know how you feel, and I don't even own a house.

    I went overseas some time back, and sub-let the place I was in (that was all above board) to some friends of my then girlfriend.

    It ended up costing me about $10,000 in repairs to the property. I couldn't physically make all the repairs myself, even though I tried. I ended up removing two car wrecks out of the back yard, re-fencing most of the property as their pit-bull (why is it always a f*cking pit-bull!) broke it to pieces. The bogans I leased it to would just nail the fence closed where it broke through, as such it would find another spot to destroy.

    The back door was torn of its hinges, and so severely damaged it was beyond repair. The once white carpet was now mid-tone grey, and even had a section missing in the middle of a room (they burned a hole through it).

    You know... I'm getting angrier as I write this, so I think I should stop. But, by golly I could go on.

    I understand it is harder as you still need to rent the property. I don't think a faith based platitude right now (things will be alright in the end, etc.) would help you, so all I can offer is my sincerest empathy.

    And a shotgun. Dammit... The mother is going to be back? What... for the fridge (if they own it, I'd have left it outside so that you don't encourage them to rip down the door to steal their cans of urine.

    Mold hey? You've been fed a line by a serial excuser. No wonder the daughter doesn't take a single bit of responsibility for her own life.

  3. I had a long, sympathizing-yet-ranty post written up of my own experience on this topic, then I deleted it and started again. I felt you didn't need to be put through the horrors yet again, but know that I absolutely can sympathize with you, and I am so, so sorry. Why people choose to live this way, I don't know, and I wonder if it has something to do with renting instead of ownership, or if they are just innately slobbish. Best of luck in your cleanup and repairs.

    Also, I love the fact you typecast that on a paper bag! I may have to do that; I really like how it uploaded.

  4. Thank you all! I would say it's nice to know I'm not alone but I wouldn't want to imply I'm happy you had to go through it too--quite the opposite. However it is nice to know there are some people out there who understand what we're going through.

    I spoke with the health inspector today, who was very understanding. I told him the yard still looked terrible, but at least the waste was all sealed away, and he said that's all they care about.

    "So," he said, "You got two bad tenants in a row."

    "How nice of you to remember," I said.

    We can't leave the refrigerator out there--it's a violation of several codes. I suspect the bitches will be back to get some furniture they left behind, as well as the fridge. If we change the locks and they break a door or window, we're in worse shape. However we notified the tenants that if they go back in the house now, we'll consider it breaking and entering. If the place wasn't crawling with fleas, it would almost be satisfying to spend a few days there waiting for them to show up, then nail them on criminal charges.

    Oh but wait. This is Massachusetts. Would you believe that, in this state, we are legally obligated to rent a storage unit and store their abandoned property?

  5. I just don't get it! As a renter (albeit, usually from family) I just don't understand how anyone can think it's alright to trash the belongings and property of someone else! It infuriates me every single time!

  6. I remember when your wife wrote about this sort of thing before but this seems much worse this time. What is wrong with people? I remember the beautiful pictures your wife posted of all the work she had done. It was lovely. It is the same house right? I remember the empty pond and the missing fish. After going through this ourselves in Conn. to a home we built and we only lived in for 6 months due to job loss, all I can say is do what we did. Clean it up and sell it. The emotional struggle is so not worth it. I hope the market is enough to get the mortge paid off if nothing else. These people do not give a dam and do not think they do anything wrong! Any decent person would be more than ashamed to ask for "their stuff". I am surprised they will even talk to you or show their face for fear of arrest. But then again the crime is not of enough of an out rage for the police to be able to do anything. I'd like to say leaving was best but if they burnt the place down at least you'd have a nice vacant lot to sell. instead like us we got our hearts broke and bank account sucked dry. I wish I could help you. Where is the reality show producer when you need one?