Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Roof Repair Follow-Up

No water comes in at all during light to moderate rainfall.

Earlier in the week we had a real soaker, though, and we had a pretty steady drip from one area of the ceiling. I was discouraged, until The Wife pointed out that this was a vast improvement over the previous major storm's. That time, water came down in about eight places, running down the walls and forming blisters in the paint along the ceiling. We didn't have enough buckets and towels to catch it all.

This time we only had to put down one bowl.

During the recent rain, I went up on the roof and got a pretty good idea of where the water was still coming in. When things dry out again I'll run a bead of tar along the seam and see if things improve further.


Someone at work asked me how I knew how to do all these projects I'm always taking on. I told them I don't. I read a little, then just make it up as I go along and try to find ways to fail that won't kill me. (If the roof still leaks, I can try again. If I fall off the roof...)

Sometimes the repairs even work. These are the ones I try to repeat.

Put another way: I am confident that there's nothing out there which I can't succeed in doing poorly at least part of the time.


  1. Congrats on the improved roof situation!

    A benefit of doing my own repairs is if they don't work, it is not newsworthy. If they succeed, the satisfaction is only exceeded by the stunning surprise!

    Jeff The Bear

  2. Unfortunately your rooftop bravery is more than mine! I would definitely prefer that the roof be repaired by a proper roofer. I would much rather have spent my time finding the right commercial roofing hawaii has to offer than spend the time all the way up on the roof! A fear of heights will stop me from even going up the ladder!

    1. Individually crafted spam? I am perplexed.

      I agree though - I would prefer a proper roofer. Do you know of any that will work for pancakes? The Wife is an excellent breakfast cook!

      I also would prefer Hawaii. But that's another story.

  3. The method of "trial and error" may provide adequate solutions to some problems. However, I discourage this when it comes to fixing roofs. Temporary repairs only bring about further damage to the roof and the components adjacent to it.

    Joanne Barragan

  4. I thought this was the beginning to some epic story that begun with you standing outside your porch, woefully looking into the rainfall during day break. I was wrong. Enjoy your new roof!

    -Adam Ahmed

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  8. Thumbs up guys your doing a really good job.

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  13. You are brave, but I fear for your safety, Winston! You should not do the repairs alone; always have another person accompany you in case something happens. Also, I don’t think it’s advisable to go up on the roof while it’s still raining. Roofs aren’t particularly known to provide good traction, and when it rains, what little traction it provides gets lessened even more. It’s almost too easy to slip and fall from up there.

    Allyson Sunde