Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Pull of the Perfect Moment

Six knots on a broad reach.

One hell of an anchorage.


  1. That does sound perfect. Make more perfection happen if you can...

  2. Great post! This gives me an idea for an essay dealing with philosphy, life style, and perception. (Don't worry. This ain't it. Don't want to strain the bandwidth.)

    I've had a few such moments. Sailing at sunset when the water reflects the sky. One unusually clear night where moonlight created a carpet of diamonds on the incoming tide. Or a chilly evening in the Blue Ridge overlooking the Shenandoah Valley, with the Milky Way a bright wash in the sky and pinpoints of light at the windows of farm houses randomly showing in the dark while the aroma of good coffee rises from a mug at my side. There have been others.

    Thinking about it, there are a few matters that help form these, unfortunately, rare moments.

    Isolation doesn't mean alone; it means not distracted.

    Quiet doesn't have to mean silence.

    Light, whether stars or candles, feeds the soul and the senses.

    Wonderful memories! ime to pick up my fountain pen and get back to the note pad.

    Jeff The Bear