Saturday, January 5, 2013

In a 3-Dimensional Hole There Lived a Hobbit



  1. Thanks for the review - sounds like I needn't go and watch this.

  2. This review reinforces my feelings about cinema in general these days: overblown, bombastic, simplistic or nonexistent plots, sensationalist music, and heavily-laden with special effects. Especially when the films are animated.

    The theater experience itself is expensive, and people can be rude and intrusive.

    So you are writing positive blog posts and I am now writing curmudgeony comments!!! Ah, the irony.

  3. shiny things. explosive troll flatulence. dragons & fire. does any real man need more than that?

  4. It is possible I have a brain the size of a pea, but I liked the new movie. The scene with blazing pine cones in 3D actually caused my eyes to burn and for a fleeting moment I thought, "Oh God, it hit me in the eye!" Granted, I think 3D effects were much better back in the late 70s-early 80s. Nothing (to my thinking) was lost due to technology in this film. I will be paying to see the two sequels and I will probably purchase the DVDs. I too loved the riddle scene and myself silly when Gollum said, "If we win we eats it whole." Or something to that effect. It was priceless!

    1. I am sure there is nothing wrong with the size of your brain--we wouldn't have many movies if they had to be written to my taste!

      I would appreciate a little more focus on the story. But I wanted to try this 3D thing, so it's probably ungrateful to be complaining about gimmics.

      You're right about the sparks. They were even more impressive than the raindrops.

      -- Winston