Friday, January 4, 2013

Trying Optimism in 2013

I’m not one for resolutions generally, but maybe I can present a little more pipe and a little less grumble in 2013.





  1. Wow! What a burst of fresh optimism! It'll be interesting to watch your development in this program because I'm the same way all up and down the line. I predict you won't change much because you're already reality-based. :-) Well, here's to more enjoyment of life! I think it's possible.
    == Michael

  2. I understand the trepidation, but for me, I tend to assume I'm beneath notice. I am on fb because there are family and friends there I can keep up with without taking much time away from truly important people. It also allows me to construct and manage a public persona which is good practice since I'm an introvert and don't get the chance much in meatspace.

  3. Typewriters are so much more important to me than Facebook or any other "social network" these days; I miss it when a day goes by without typing something.

    The frequent letter and the occasional blog post are sufficient connections for me with the world at large.

    Best of luck with developing more of a positive attitude!